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It has been a while between posts--my apologies.

But the Lord is good; and I'm learning the blessings found in His provision. While I may want something different, the Lord is graciously reminding me that what He gives me is ENOUGH. And God's ENOUGH is more than sufficient for my needs. God's ENOUGH is oft times miraculous, too...

From one week to the next I can easily forget God’s miracles in my own life…the miraculous provision of a sermon with the very words I needed to hear…the miraculous provision of funds needed to attend my father-in-law’s funeral…the miraculous provision of an unexpected check in the mail that covered the house payment…the miraculous provision of good health when all around me were coughing and feverish with flu…and right now I’m sitting at my office window watching a red fox warm herself in the sun on a driveway culvert stone. She’s so peaceful, yet alert to the sounds around her. Now she stands, stretches, and lopes off down the neighbor’s driveway to catch a drink at his pond. What a miraculous reminder of the way God wants me to be—peaceful in His provision, yet alert to His direction, to move whenever and only when He speaks.

So I encourage you, right now, to find those pieces of God’s provision in your own life and build yourself a memorial. One gal I know keeps small pieces of embroidery floss hanging in her kitchen window; each one a different color to remind her of a different blessing. Another friend journals her blessings. A third has a collection of teacups. Whatever it takes, whatever is meaningful for you, build yourself a memorial to God’s faithful provision in your life, especially right now. The enemy of our souls wishes to destroy us and bury us under faithlessness, doubt, and fear--that old question posed to Eve, “Hath God said?” Without a means of remembering, Eve fell; you and I can easily fall, too, and “quickly forget His works” (Ps 106:13).

But God who is rich in mercy made us alive in Jesus (Eph 2:4), and He has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and self-control (2 Tim 1:7). He has called us to a life of contentment in His provision, for He has given us richly all things to enjoy (1 Tim 6:17). And, yes, that includes this time of unemployment.

So build yourself a memorial, and keep on trusting our loving Lord for the ride of your life. He loves you more than you can ever know. He even sings when He thinks of you (Zeph 3:17). Carry that in your heart today. And keep on trusting Him for the ride.

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