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To Bring You Up to Speed

We didn't plan this, you know. We didn't ask to be unemployed. But here we are. So let me tell you a bit about us.

I'm a writer--a technical writer. The person who writes all the stuff that nobody reads but everyone expects will be there--like, the label on your aspirin bottle, the how to instuctions in your assemble-it-yourself project, the words on the back of the cereal box. Those words don't get there by magic. Someone has to write them, and that person is classified as a technical writer.

In my case I've been a technical writer in a specific field for 18 the field of Christian inspiration. I've written everything from the dictionaries and indexes in the back of your Bible to the introductory paragraphs that tell you what Malachi or Obadiah or Philippians is all about. I've written scores of "extended greeting cards"--those little giftable books that you pick up in the hospital gift shop to take to Aunt Sukie after her gall bladder surgery. I written a few children's books based on the specifications of a client or publisher. And I've had my hand in devotional books, too, covering topics for women, moms, and the general public. My mother said I've been telling stories since I was two years old, so writing, in a way, has been an extension of that--telling stories in print, instead of aloud to quiet a squirmy sibling.

My husband Michael has been my partner and best friend for over thirty years. He has nurtured my story telling and encouraged me to continue to follow that path wherever it has led while he has pursued a career in Christian retail and gift product development for many of the major Christian retailers in the United States. He's a seasoned world traveler who has scoured the globe for inspirational gifts for home and hearth. His driving passion has been to fulfill the Deuteronomy 6 command of God to the ancient Israelites to keep God's Word always at the forefront of their lives and conversation, teaching it to their children, talking about it on the road as they walked along, and even mounting it on their doorposts so they would never forget God or His ways. Taking that command into the Christian marketplace has meant the creation of gift products, home decor, jewelry, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc. that shine the light of God's Word into places that might never be touched by a Bible, a pastor's sermon, or a gospel song. In this way God's Word is going out. And God promises in Isaiah that when His Word goes out, it will not return void, but will accomplish that purpose for which God has sent it.

So, now you know. We're a household of faith, God's kids who have been placed in this point in time to reflect back to Him His glory. And we do it through words and products that highlight His Word.

Now that you know us, keep praying for us, and together we'll keep trusting God for the ride of unemployment.


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