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According to the Bible (Mark 10:27) Jesus reminded His disciples that while some things appear impossible to happen in human times and terms, "all things are possible with God."

When I read that phrase back in June 2008 when my husband was laid off from his full-time job, I supposed that it meant that even though it looked like getting another full time job in his field seemed impossible, God could make it happen. And, indeed, while God is capable of making those things happen that way, He didn't. Full time work never materialized--in 2008, 2009, or even so far into 2010.

However, what God did do is just as much of a miracle and an impossibility; it's just that I didn't have eyes to see it while it was happening.

...At first, I expected full time employment and a regular salary equivalent to his old job: instead, God provided temporary work that was enough to enable us to pay off most of our debt.

...As time wore on, I expected the impossible of full-time salaried work of any kind for my husband: instead God provided temporary work for me and a book contract with a publisher.

...As the unemployment trial drew past 18 months, I expected the impossibility of work of any kind--full-time, part-time, temporary: instead, God provided for our needs through an unplanned inheritance, some retirement payouts, and the unexpected generosity of Christian friends.

...And, as we see the two-year mark of Mike's unemployment approaching, I'm seeing another impossibility happen: a change in my attitude. Instead of expecting God to fill up our lack the way I see fit, I'm finding myself sitting back and stressing out less while I let God show me how He wants to do the impossible.

And guess what?! Now, there's a change in our work status. We've gone from unemployed to underemployed. We're both working part-time temporary work for the 2010 census. That's another impossible thing God has done. More than 40,000 people applied for 1800 positions here in Nashville--and God secured two of those positions for us.

Indeed, Jesus words to His disciples still rings true today. God is in the impossibility business. All things are possible with Him. Sometimes we just have to have eyes that will see it His way! So, keep on trusting Him for your ride of umeployment, underemployment, career choices, life decisions, etc. He IS working those seemingly impossibile impossibilities into His plan for your life!


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